The Plates of Woe
Plates of woe
A raptor watches the gang cross the Plates of Woe


Dino World


Raptors, Pterosaurs

Location no. in Ice Age 3


The Plates of Woe are the third and final location the Gang have to travel through to reach Lava Falls and Sid. It consists of many rocks on trees, in a row that leads straight to Lava Falls.

The Plates of Woe are also the birthplace of Ellie's child, Peaches.

In the filmEdit

When Buck and the Gang arrive, the centre of the track has been ripped apart by Rudy. While they travel on the remaining plates, they are attacked by raptors. Manny and Diego fight them, and it is in this period of time that Ellie has Peaches. Manny uses both the tree trunks and rocks to try and stop the raptors. In the end he succeeds, with the help of Diego.

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