The Chasm of Death
Chasm of death
Crash and Eddie in the Chasm of Death


Dino World



Location no. in Ice Age 3


The Chasm of Death is a large chasm, filled with poisonous green gas that seems to be a mixture of helium and nitrous oxide. Dinosaurs and mammals can die if they inhale too much of this gas. The gas also causes people to laugh. The way to cross the chasm is by using the rib cage of a dead dinosaur as a cable car. This cable car is supported by vines. If you are small enough you can scamper along the vines instead. It is the second of three locations the gang must travel through to reach Sid at Lava Falls.

The Chasm of Death used to be called the Big Smelly Crack, but it was changed because everyone kept laughing at its name. The name was changed to the Chasm of Death to sound more menacing.

Several dinosaur skeletons are seen in the chasm, and they have all presumably been killed by the gas. Buck states they 'died laughing'. The dinosaurs that died are carnivorous.

When the gas changed Crash and Eddie's voices, they mimicked Alvin and the Chipmunks, singing 'Christmas Don't Be Late'.


  • The cable car may be the rib cage of a Stegosaurus, because if you look carefully you can see plates attached to the spine.
  • It is impossible for the 'laughing gas' to exist, as if it was helium, which is lighter than air, it wouldn't be able to stay on the ground. The only real gas with this property is Sulphur Hexafluoride, and it actually makes the voice sound deeper.

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