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Father: Unknown

Three babies (Egbert, Shelly, Yoko) Whife:probably mama

In Ice Age 3 Sid finds three eggs under the ice. He thinks they are alone and adopts them, naming them Eggbert, Shelly and Yoko. Manny doesn't want Sid keeping them, but he does, and they hatch into Baby Dinosaurs. When he lets them into the playground they cause trouble, and then their mother, Momma Dino, comes looking for them, and when she finds them, she takes Sid away with them. However, since Momma Dino is soft at heart, since she's a mother, they eventually get on, and Sid stays with them, until near the end, when he is chased by Rudy, who cracks the ground, isolating Sid on a piece of rock heading over Lava Falls. Just as Sid is about to go over the flaming waterfall, he is rescued by Buck and Crash and Eddie, on a Pterodactylus.

Still wanting to be a Mummy, when Sid meets Peaches, he asks Manny if he can babysit Peaches sometimes. Manny eventually says maybe, causing Sid to walk off, saying "Yes!", and when he's gone, Manny says "no chance".

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