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Scratte is a new character in Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

She first appears when Scrat is chasing his acorn at the beginning, and when Scrat takes the acorn, she cries, and Scrat gives it over. Then, when he gets the acorn back and Scratte falls into a chasm, he jumps down to rescue her, however, Scratte takes the acorn and shows that she can glide using flaps of skin between her arms and legs.

Later Scrat dumps Scratte into the dinosaur world, she bounces several times with her large butt before finally hitting a rock. In a daze she watches with jealousy as Scrat returns to the ice world with the acorn. It's most likely after this that she was eaten.

In Continental Drift, she has a cameo appearance as a siren. While Scrat was raining off to the acorn island, she appeared in an open clam and waved her butt from out of the clam's fog. She first hums seductively, and when Scrat turns around she does a flirting gesture, she rapidly blinks her eyes, beckons "Come Here" with her finger, wags her butt, and blows him a kiss. At first, Scrat is attracted, but he turns his back around in a fit of rage. But he becomes aroused when her butt grumbles and transforms into an acorn.

Trivia Edit

  • Scratte is strong, brave, and intelligent, the exact opposite of Scrat who is weak, cowardly, and un-intelligent.
  • Scrat was picked as a fan favorite over Scratte.
  • Scratte has all the features of a girl: soft skin, cute face, big eyelashes, cute cooing noises, and a nice curvy body.
  • She does simple easy things in a sexy way: She cleans up leaves by dancing and wiggling her tail and waist.
  • Scratte was given a big round posterior just to make her look sexy, and if you look closely sometimes you’ll notice an outline where scrattes little panties use to be, but she clearly dropped her panties a while ago too appear more foxy.
  • Imagine two female Scrattes dancing side-by-side, rubbing their butts against each other, maybe even farting on each other.
  • In Dawn of the Dinosaurs, when Scrat and Scratte were dancing, after she kicks Scrat in the nuts, she makes a cute moaning sound, and then rubs her bottom on Scrat's face, in the process, Scrat smiles at Scratte, which gives the viewer a clue that her booty's really soft.

Top TrumpsEdit

Scratte has a card in the Ice Age Top Trumps.

  • Courage: 10/50
  • Friendship: 0/100
  • Ferocity: 5/20
  • Mischief: 8/10
  • Size: 1/5
  • Description: Fast, tricky, and determined, Scratte is new on the scene and is already using her feminine wiles to give Scrat some tough competition. Suddenly he's not the only one in the Ice Age with a love for nuts, and Scratte has a few unexpected tricks up her sleeve...
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