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Roger is a Pteranodon that appears in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.


Roger was perched under a cloud of fog around the many rock canyons near Lava Falls. Then Buck, Crash and Eddie came on their rescue mission. Roger flying upwards, the three mammals drop onto him with Buck taking control of the pteranodon using a vine as reigns. When Buck has hold of him, he steers Roger toward Lava Falls. Then suddenly other pterosaurs appear and start chasing them, suddenly going through another canyon and back around to the falls.

Another pterosaur from the same attacking flock takes him out from front, knocking Roger unconscious, falling out in flight and towards the ground. Buck was able to bring him back to consciousness by using mouth to mouth CPR and steer him upward fast enough in time to avoid crashing into the ground and also flying into Lava falls. As they fly upward toward the top of the falls, Roger catches Sid as he falls. Buck afterwards flies Roger back to the plates of woe. At the plates of woe, Roger flew off after dropping off Sid.


  • In the Video game, Roger is referred as female by Buck.