Full name



Woolly Mammoth


Original family: killed

New family: Ellie, Peaches

Fur colour


Manny is a woolly mammoth (a massive furry elephant). In Ice Age 3 he is very excited as Ellie is having a baby. He tries to make the entire Ice Age world safe for the baby, even creating a playground. Ellie, however, tries to explain how one mammoth can't change the entire Ice Age. Manny won't listen though.

Then, they travel beneath the ice to the jungle world. Manny doesn't want Ellie to come, in case the baby is born in danger, but Ellie wants to come, so they agree on a word 'peaches', which Ellie will say if she feels she is having the baby. Then they meet Buck, a weasel. He guides them through the perils of the jungle world. When they are attacked by raptors on The Plates of Woe, Manny fights the raptors with Diego, protecting Ellie while she has her baby.


Manny is very excited about Ellie having a baby, and overreacts, creating a playground and trying to baby-proof nature. When he makes a mobile for the playground, he only includes himself, Ellie and Peaches, which upsets Sid because he isn't on it. Manny believes that the reason Sid was taken away was because he wasn't a good friend, but Buck points out that he risked his mate and his baby to rescue Sid - "not a great husband or father, but a darn good friend".


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