Ellie and possums
Ellie and the possums






Original family: unknown

New family: Crash and Eddie, Manny, Peaches

Gave birth

On the Plates of Woe, in Dino World

Ellie is another mammoth, like

Manny. In Ice Age 3 Ellie is pregnant. Despite this, she follows Manny and the others through dino world on their quest to rescue Sid. In the end, she does give birth in dino world. They call the baby Peaches, because 'she's sweet, round and covered in fuzz." When they go back up to the Ice Age world, Ellie looks after Peaches in her new home.

Ice Age 3Edit

In Ice Age 3, Ellie is expecting a baby, and she is first seen after Manny believes the baby is coming. She says it was just a kick. After this, Manny shows her the playground he built for the baby, and Ellie says he's trying to "baby-proof nature".

Later, when they are going to rescue Sid, Manny tells Ellie to stay behind, but she doesn't listen, and goes in regardless. When they are chased by the Ankylosaurus, she gets the Brachiosaurus to lower its neck, allowing them to slide down it to safety.

When they are crossing the Chasm of Death, Ellie is first across, and the others stay down in the Chasm, laughing, so she pulls them up using the pulley.

Then on the Plates of Woe, Peaches is about to be born, and Diego helps her, while keeping off the Guanlongs at the same time. Finally, when they return home, she welcomed Peaches to the Ice Age.

Top TrumpsEdit

Ellie appears on a card in the Ice Age Top Trumps, and is given the following ratings:

  • Courage: 31/50
  • Friendship: 92/100
  • Ferocity: 10/20
  • Mischief: 4/10
  • Size: 5/5
  • Description: Ellie is crazy with excitement now that a baby is on the way! Mammoths have a long pregnancy so she's had lots of time to prepare, but has had her hands full with Manny's anxiety. She is a fun-loving free spirit, but is kept on her toes by trying to keep the herd together.


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