Dino fruit

weapon's uses

-to escape by surrounding dinosaurs

-directly hit predators

-attack/inflate pterosaurs

Dino Fruit are a red fruit found only in the Dino World.

Description Edit

In Dino World one of Buck's main weapons is a red fruit that can act as a smoke bomb, they are commonly explosive releasing a yellow cloud of seeds and smoke when thrown. Buck uses them to rescue the gang when they first enter the Dino World (after sliding down the back of a Brachiosaurus) he throws them at the surrounding dinosaurs to confuse them long enough to escape. While rescuing Sid at lava falls, Buck and the two possums on their Pterodactyl are chased by Pterosaurs. In the pursuit, Crash and Eddie use the same fruit to defeat few of the pterosaurs.

Trivia Edit

  • Buck's other weapon is Rudy's tooth.
  • They are not found in the Ice Age World.
  • While scrat and Sratte are seen eating smaller ones, they likely can be eaten.