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Eggbert, Shelly and Yoko


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In Ice Age 3 Sid finds some eggs hidden under the ice. He assumes they have been abandoned by their mother, and takes them to look after, naming them Egbert, Shelly and Yoko. When they hatch, they are revealed to be baby dinosaurs. Sid lets them in the playground, and everyone else thinks it is open, and they mess it up, while the dinos cause havoc. Then, Momma Dino arrives to take her babies. With them, she takes Sid. At the end of the film, the baby dinos are actually sad to leave Sid, showing they really love him.


Though the Baby Dinos look similar, there are ways to tell them apart. Yoko has blue eyes, Egbert has red eyes and Shelly has orange eyes. Egbert has a darker skin tone than the other two, and Shelly's underpart  is more pinky-yellow than the others. Shelly also has freckles on her nose.

Personality Edit

the baby dinos are playful, and seem to be hyperactive at times, such as in the playground scene. They show deep affection for their adoptive father Sid. At first they didn't recognise Momma Dino to be their mother, but found out eventually.


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The link below (also found on the main page), is to a clip from youtube. It is a clip from Ice Age 3.

The Eggs

See Dinosaur Eggs for more information about when they were eggs.

Top cardsEdit

The Baby Dinos appeared in the Ice Age Top cards. The card was named '3 Baby Dinosaurs', and gave them the following ratings:

  • Courage: 17/50
  • Friendship: 86/100
  • Ferocity: 4/20
  • Mischief: 9/10
  • Size: 3/5
  • Description: When the three baby T-Rex dinosaurs hatch they immediately accept Sid as their mother, mimicking his every move.

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