The Baby Dinos try to eat the Caudipteryx, before Sid takes it away

Archaeopteryx is a pre-historic flightless avian. Only one is seen in a scene in the film, it's also featured in the video game as well.


After Sid is kidnapped, he and Momma Dino had a competition about who the babies liked most. During this competition, Momma Dino offered the babies an unconscious Archaeopteryx, while Sid offers thembroccoli among other vegetables. They were going to accept the Archaeopteryx, but Sid finds out it's still alive and takes it away. Sid then tells it to fly away - which he forces it to by throwing it off a cliff nearby. Sid realizes that it couldn't fly, before it is snapped up by a passing Pterosaur.


  • the flightless bird in the film is voiced by Director: Carlos Saldhana.