The Ankylosaurus is a minor antagonist that appears briefly in the film.


In Ice Age 3, Manny and the gang are chased by an angry Ankylosaurus when they enter dino world. It originally followed them from Skeleton Bridge, which is probably where it lives. They escape by sliding down the neck, back and tail of a Brachiosaurus, and are given time when the Ankylosaurus gets its club stuck. They land in a clearing, where they are surrounded by dinosaurs.

Sound of Ankylosaurus -Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs 2009-

Sound of Ankylosaurus -Ice Age Dawn of the Dinosaurs 2009-

Later, when facing Rudy, another Ankylosaurus (or possibly the same one), is seen cowering behind a tree trunk in fear. It seems everyone (except Buck and Momma Dino) is scared of Rudy. When passing it, Diego makes fun of its cowardice and calls it a "wuss".

In the gameEdit

An Ankylosaurus is one of the three bosses in the Ice Age 3 Video Game, along with a Triceratops and Rudy.


  • There is a common misconception that the Ankylosaurus was trying to eat the main characters. It is more likely that it was actually defending its territory. However, it has pointed, sharp teeth.